1. Best View

From the recording When You Love A Traveler

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Music & Lyrics written by Shiloh Hawkins

Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocals/Harmonies:
Shiloh Hawkins
Lead Guitar: Rick Deak
Harmonies: Chris Rutushin
Upright Bass: Derick Young
Drums: Dan Mullenax


We packed the car 'full as we could
And headed for the highway
Eight hours next to you
Tell me something new and exciting

Cherry blossoms in the Spring
Got the best view on St. Marks' Place

New York, New York
What kind of spell have you cast on me?
New York, New York
I'm falling in love down by the piers
In Lower Chelsea

Pizza by the slice
And drinks two for the price
Am I drunk on love,
Or am I drunk on Summertime?
Am I lost in the city,
Or am I lost in your eyes?

Those cherry blossoms in the spring
Still the best view on St. Mark's Place