1. Sweet Harvest

From the recording When You Love A Traveler

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Music & Lyrics written by Shiloh Hawkins

Guitar/Lead Vocals/Harmonies:
Shiloh Hawkins
Viola: Ruby Hornsby
Upright Bass: Derick Young
Drums: Dan Mullenax


You and I sip on sweet harvest
In the evening when the sun goes down
And that big, bright moon comes up
To show off, just to show off

We got a backyard fine enough
For winding down
We got a couch to crash
When our friends come into town
We've got eachother,
And that's the sweetest part of all

Baby, I love all seasons with you
But I love Autumn most of all
And after this hot Summer, it will be Fall

I think Anne of Green Gables
Would have been our friend
'Cause neither you nor I
Wants this red orange bliss to end
Who says our favorite season
Can't be bottled in a jar?
Because we're sippin' on sweet harvest
Staring at the moon in the back of my car