From the recording When You Love A Traveler

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Music & Lyrics written by Shiloh Hawkins

Guitar/Lead Vocals/Harmonies:
Shiloh Hawkins
Pedal Steel Guitar: Al Moss
Mandolin: Ruby Hornsby
Upright Bass: Derick Young
Drums: Dan Mullenax


Upstate New York was beautiful
I'm glad I got to spend that time with you
And packing up my things was easy
Onto destination two
Driving through the big greeen mountains
Almost as stunning as your smile
Come a little closer
Let me stay here for a while

We don't got much money
And time isn't our side
And I can always go back to work
But this view has no price, no price

Backpacking through Europe
Is something that I'd like to do
Yes, I'd walk from Portugal to Belarus
Just to be with you

Careening toward the setting sun
Before the day is through
Walking through the valley's shadows
Like I said I'd do

I said when you love a traveler
Then a traveler will love you, too